Saturday, 9 September 2023

Sonification (Fletina Guest Mix)

I had the great honour and privelege to have been recently asked to contribute a guest mix for Sonification radio show.

Sonification is Devin Sarno’s monthly internet radio program hosted by CAMP Radio (located in Aulus-les-Bains, France.) 

Devin Sarno is an experimental L.A musician/composer who I recently collaborated on a track with. You can stream/buy/download it below, if you wish...

Devin Sarno & Fletina - Sound Study Fifteen


Anyway, here's my guest mix for Sonification, if you wanted to give it a listen. I had such a blast compiling and sequencing this hour-long non-musical sound journey.

I've included Bandcamp links to all the albums that these songs came from. I'd highly recommend all them... even my own, haha!

1. Fletina - From What's Gathered (excerpt)

2. seah - typography of a tree

3. Lalén Ríos Luna - A Field Thinking Noises 4

4. Jo Montgomerie - A View From Snell's Window

5. Conducive - Flâner

6. Coagulant - Abstractions in Three Dimensions (excerpt)

7. Paul Nataraj - Happy And Yet No Peace

8. Mollbury Medical Research Centre - Sector 5 (At Night)

9. Micaela Trombini - Target (excerpt)

10. black_ops - Fugue State

11. Patrick Corcoran - I

12. Peter Wullen - Step Into The Light, Lazarus III

13. Homogenized Terrestrials - Vibration 9


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