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Non-Music Soundcloud Roundup (June 24)

Hello everyone,

It recently became apparent to me that Bandcamp and Spotify aren't the only platforms to discover great sound art. There's a world of incredible sound artists, field recordists and experimental noisemakers on Soundcloud... and even though they haven't published any ''official'' releases (so far) - they're still creating incredible art that's well worth exploring...

In this roundup, I wanted to do something different and collate a bunch of these talented sound artists that I've been loving on Soundcloud lately, and bringing some much-deserved attention to them.

I really hope that they eventually do release some official works, sometime in the near future...


OR Poeisis

OR poiesis (a.k.a. Petra Kapš) is a multidisciplinary sound artist, composer, performer and researcher based in Slovenia. Her work consists of sound art, radio, poetry sonor, performance, photography and video.

Kapš has created a large and beautiful body of work to date, some of which can be found on Soundcloud, others which can be heard on her own personal blog.
'Falling Into Silence' is a 17-minute long sound composition of fascinating textures, atmospheric tones and hypnotic audio experimentation. In this composition, you will hear multiple layers of watery ''vocalizations'', gurgling drones, lapping waves, crashing waves, swirling scraping noises, howling winds, decaying frequencies, fuzzy ambience, chirruping insects, twittering birdsong and a variety of other atmospheric tones and textures. A dreamy and mesmerizing listening experience.


Jamie House

Jamie House combines art practice with photography and extended listening practices to enable non-anthropocentric readings of post-industrial sites. His experimental practice research methods include multi-sensory technological methods of observation, employing field recordings, VHF (Very high frequency), radio waves, Geiger counters, textual responses, handmade synths & devices.

His field recordings are deeply immersive and utterly mesmerizing, full of atmospheric textures and rich subtleties...
'Surface C8H18' is a recording of ''speculative field studies at post industrial WWII site that explores the remains of abandoned oil tanks designed for the war effort''. 
In this piece, you will hear a series of splashing footsteps, intimate shuffling sounds, ominous knocks, haunting bangs, whooshing winds, trickling waters, squawking seagulls and other on-site environmental noises - coated in long resounding echoes and massive cavernous reverberations. An ominous and atmospheric listening experience.


Estelle Schorpp

Estelle Schorpp is a Montreal-based sound artist, composer and researcher. She uses the tools and methods of research-creation to set up projects that take a critical and creative look at our relationship with the sound and media environment. 

This is an excerpt taken from a longform sound composition titled 'Memorià de Santa Susanna' which was based on field recordings Schorpp captured in the surroundings of the ruined church Santa Susanna, in the dry mountains of Catalonia.
In this piece you will hear the cacophonous rhythmic chirruping of insects, the murmur of human voices, electronic drones and pulsations, distant church bells, subtle environmental noises and layers of various musical instrumentation that have been manipulated into a swelling mass of beautiful stuttering ambient tones that slowly builds and builds... A beautiful and captivating listening experience.

You should also check out the rest of the sound pieces on her page, and explore her other projects on her official website - here.


Rocío Colonizt

Rocío Colonizt is an Argentinian sound artist & sound designer.

'Persona y Objeto' is an experimental audio piece made from manipulated recordings of tongue clicks and shaking coins. It's very minimalistic and bare, allowing each individual component and sound to resonate and reverberate throughout this bizarre audio environment. The way these sounds are produced makes for a strange series of gargling noises, robotic bleeps, squeaks, crunches and knocks. An unsettling yet intriguing listening experience.


La Cosa Preziosa

La Cosa Preziosa (Susanna Caprara) is a soundscape artist and field recordist originally from the south of Italy and based in Dublin, Ireland. 
Her work focuses on soundscape composition for performances, radio broadcasts and gallery installations, as well as the experimental exploration of the short-form. Her soundscape creations, almost entirely based on her own original field recordings, take specific locations and real-life situations as departure points for a journey of exploration of the hidden layers within, in an organic process guided by deep listening.

'Spiral Loops' is a mesmerizing sound piece, based on unique recordings of footsteps and staircases. Caprara's rich and creative sound design techniques makes for a strange continuous loop of swirling percussive knocks and wacky rhythmic patterns that echo and reverberate darkly throughout this barren audio environment. A disorientating and strangely beautiful listening experience.

Caprara has a large and sprawling body of work on her Soundcloud page, which I highly recommend you check out.



claretforgeorge is an experimental audio project from an unknown individual who works simulataneously as a sound artist and renewable energy engineer in the Scottish Highlands.

'On the General Law of the Transformation of Energy' is a 12-minute sound composition comprised of puttering drones, sustained feedback loops, mechanical hums, some kind of plucked string instrument, ominous rumblings, eerie pulsations, atmospheric reverberations, swirling ambience and tremulous layers of atonal noise. This abstract piece ebbs and flows with a slow dramatic intensity, and makes for a wonderfully hypnotic listening experience. Check out the rest of his recordings too...


Pheobe riley Law

Pheobe riley Law is an installation artist with a focus on sound, three dimensional art, and image. She takes a magpie approach which involves arranging and building relationships between different bodies, vessels or devices in order to create a dialogue.

As the title suggests, 'Pipes' is a 7-minute long minimalistic sound recording of some kind of internal piping system. In this recording you will hear the atonal droning of steam (or gas, perhaps?) whooshing through these metallic tunnels, accompanied by the occasional rattle, bang and clicking noise, and the soft crackling texture of the sound recorder being shuffled about. You can also hear the distant sounds of traffic rushing past whatever facility this was recording in. A sparse, lonely, fascinating and slightly ominous listening experience.

Law has a whole bunch of other intriguing recordings on her Soundcloud page, as well as on her official website - here . Amazing stuff.



Rizzi (a.k.a Robert Rizzi) is a Danish sound artist that works in mixed media (field recordings, analog sound generators, homemade "tossekasser") and creates soundscapes, a,bi & non-tonal pieces with or without instruments. 

'Life in dead seawrack' is one of the field recordings on his Soundcloud page. It's an intimate sonic study of washed up seaweed, gammarids (a family of amphipods / crustacean creatures) and the surrounding environmental sounds. 
In this recording you will hear muted crunching, scratching and other frictional noises, watery squelching sounds, a faint human voice, low rumbling winds and ambient hiss. A soothing and meditative listening experience, recorded in a unique environment.

There are a lot more intriguing nature recordings, sound experimentations and more musical compositions to be found on his Soundcloud page. And he also released a longform experimental sound composition on the Sono Space label, which can be found here.


Alyssa Moxley

Alyssa Moxley makes field recordings, compositions, sound design, live performances, sound installations, and audio programs. She is also a writer and a curator of sound and music events.

'Crossing The River Three Times' is a wonderfully intriguing soundscape. It begins with the soft gurgling of flowing water, distant dogs barking, some objects knocking and clanging against each other, tinkling bells and other miscellaneous environmental sound phenomena. As the piece progresses, the river sounds gradually vary and evolve and intensify, ebbing and flowing in a variety of hypnotic tones and frequencies. The latter half of the track gets transformed into a rather dark and eerie dronescape, in which you can hear a series of ominous rattles and bangs within the slow whooshing ambience of the piece. A fascinating and immersive listening experience.

Moxley has various other amazing sound compositions on her Soundcloud page that are well worth exploring. And you can read all about them on her official website - here.


Jorgen Karlsson

Jorgen Karlsson is a Swedish sound collector, photographer and hiker. He has a collection of unique and vivid field recordings of natural soundscapes on his Soundcloud page, and a full length album on Internet Archive that you can download for free -

'Grey seals and terns at Gotska Sandön, Sweden.' is a field recording taken on the Swedish island Gotska Sandön in the Baltic Sea. As the title suggests, the recording consists of the bizarre vocalizations of various grey seals and big-mouthed terns, squawking birds, softly lapping waves and complex layers of gurgling watery noises from the surrounding shoreline. You will hear these wonderful creatures make a series of fascinating (and unsettling) snorts, squeals, growls, moans, groans and whining noises in their natural habitat. A beautiful and slightly ominous listening experience.


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